Sarah Blinco media training and mentoring

Sarah has mentored many students and aspiring writers, journalists and radio personalities over the past ten years and enjoys fostering up-and-coming talent. Last year in fact, a promising young mentee of Sarah’s scored a scholarship to Canada’s most respected university for emerging creative talent.

While working in magazine publishing, she was responsible for initiating work experience programs to give local students hands-on opportunities to learn and be inspired. Following this, in 2014 Sarah facilitated an extremely popular national student writing competition in Australia with a view to showcasing young talent that otherwise doesn’t have much of a voice.

Over the past couple of years she has transformed this passion into a business venture, and has subsequently developed numerous blogging and social media workshops (targeting future talent as well as small business owners), and created a successful digital training and mentoring course, Media Bootcamp, which attracted participants from Australia, America and the United Kingdom across 2013/14.

As a trainer and mentor, Sarah believes it is important to continue learning too, and as such, is constantly engaged in webinars, digital courses and conference attendance, so she can keep learning while helping others. In 2013 Sarah attended the TravMedia International gathering of travel writers, editors and publishers in Brisbane; ProBlogger Australasia conference and training for bloggers and social media managers; and TBEX Future of Travel Media conference in Dublin for travel writers, bloggers and social media strategists. She’s since attended TBEX 2014 in Athens, Costa Brava earlier in 2015, and Stockholm in 2016.

Sarah was asked to attend an exclusive Australian social media forum in Adelaide, Tasting Australia – Words to Go (mid 2014), with invites reserved only for Australasia’s top culinary and travel content producers.

Sarah presently lives and works in London, UK. Should you wish to liaise on Media Bootcamp training, bespoke digital content workshops or other consultation services.

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