Sarah Blinco – communications advisor

How lovely that you’ve stumbled across my site – come and discover more about the life of a communications advisor. Thank you for visiting!

About Sarah Blinco

I’m Sarah, a communications advisor, and I’ve worked in the UK, Canada and Australia. I have worked both in-house as a comms and content professional, and as a freelancer or consultant.

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As a professional communications advisor, I enable people and businesses get their messages across effectively, in a timely way, using the best tools available to them.

I’m a comms and content creator from way back. I hail from a background in media, where I edited magazines and produced radio shows. As opportunities to work online unfolded, I pivoted into digital marketing. This is where I managed social media, website and emails for clients within healthcare, lifestyle and travel industries.

Communicating with purpose

For the past seven years, I dedicated myself to consulting in communication, with a special interest in internal communication in healthcare businesses. But, I’ve also maintained my love of developing wellbeing and travel content and communication.

I am passionate about discovering effective new tools that make communicating easier for busy leaders and line managers.

Success in this space, means more people in the workplace feel informed and connected. That, my friends, makes the world a happier place.

The future of communication and content

We’ve entered 2022 which heralds a new age for the workforce.

Working remotely is ‘normal’.

We actively discuss flexible working.

We set out intentionally to ‘include’ and ‘connect’.

As a former digital nomad (perhaps now, a digital nomad in waiting), it pleases me to see these changes happen. It’s a silver lining after all we’ve been through.

Here, I share thoughts and learnings that might support you to develop your own career in communications and employee engagement. Or, perhaps the information will arm you with the tools to be a better communicator and leader in your field.

Feel free to get in touch. You’ll find me on all the social networks, but I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter the most. I’ve also hosted a travel and lifestyle blog forever, take a look here on the web, or on YouTube.